Colloquial Arabic Program  (240 Hours)

Text: khlina nitklem Araby -Egyptian  dialect

  • Course outline

1.Greetings, Pronunciation

·common phrases

·independent pronouns

2.Masculine nouns

·bet, isim declensions

·the definite article

·names of countries

·common items at the market

3.Feminine nouns

·sayyara, sahbe declensions

·declining ma, min, la

4.Adjectives (masculine and feminine)

· weather

5.Numbers 1-12

· words pertaining to telling time


6.Verb conjugations

· past, indicative, subjunctive, command

· the direct object

·vocabulary review

7.Days of the week

· words pertaining to calendar and relative time

· verbs in the past tense

· common foods

8.Verbs in the present and future

9.Numbers 11-19, 20-100

· words pertaining to family

10.Dual nouns

· noun construction (indefinite, definite)

11.Conjugation of verbs

· fakkar

· the indirect object

· verb negation

12.Plural nouns

· masculine, feminine sound plurals

· broken plurals

· plural adjectives

13.Additional verbs

· safar, sawwa, jab

· the negative command

· ordinal numbers

· words pertaining to apartments, homes

· vocabulary review

14.Additional verbs

· hatt, aja, sireb

· words pertaining to directions

· words pertaining to seasons

· map of Israel/Palestine

15.Additional verbs

· dall, akal, ata

· numbers above 100

· the connective ma

16.Final oral and written exams


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