Media Arabic Program (80 hours)

Course description:

The course consists of three stages MAP1, MAP2 and MAP3, every stage is divided into four levels. The course is available for private lessons and university closed groups. Text books enable students to communicate with Arab media and understand newspaper language easily. This language is different from both colloquial and standard Arabic. They help students fulfill their targets of learning the most widely used vocabulary by supplying them with lists of common words which are daily used by all means of mass-media. They also make students build up their own essays and be aware of targeting the meaning accurately. They also give students the ability of writing their own opinions as easy as native speakers do. Books and newspapers supply students with variety of news about current events and old ones which enable them to analyze Arabic texts easily. Adding the study of connectors to the course makes students review some grammar lessons which are very important for writing essays and expressing ideas clearly. Students watch daily news which makes students talk about current events and make their own comments by paraphrasing it. Combining books and other material makes the course vital and interesting. The course is very advanced but, candidates should have an admission test to determine their levels beforehand.

Main objectives:

  • Learn how to read an article and understand the hidden meanings behind words.
  • Listen to TV and Radio and understand the total meaning of the news.
  • Analyze news and make comments about all elements of news on Arab TV and Radio.
  • Write essays and express the core of facts in a simple and clear way.
  • Make a personal dictionary of common vocabulary of Arabic media language.
  • Speak easily about current events and comment them.

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