Classical Arabic Program

FOUNDATIONS OF QURANIC ARABIC COURSE DESCRIPTION AND GOALS  is an introductory course in classical Arabic (اللغة العربية الفصيحة) with a strong focus on the grammatical constructs and vocabulary frequently used in the Quran.

The goal of the course is to help students start their journey towards understanding the Quran in its pristine, divine language.

This goal is achieved in four PARTs:

· Pragmatic approach to vocabulary: presented in a framework that aids comprehension without being overwhelming.

· Application to Quran: allows students to see the fruits of their labor quickly.

· Reading and comprehension: focusing on these two instead of conversation and writing to accelerate progress.

· Terminology-less presentation: the grammatical constructs are presented in an easy, conceptual manner without the verbose terminology.


The only prerequisite is the ability to read the Quran in Arabic without comprehension.

No other related science (tajweed/tafsir) is required, nor is the ability to write in Arabic either.


· Letters, Words, Fragments, Sentences

· Types of Words o What makes an Ism

            -Type, Gender, Number and State

           - Some interesting Isms (pronouns, connecting)

o What makes a Harf

o What makes a Fa'il

        - Tense, Doer, Receiver

· Types of Fragments

o Harf Jarr, Mudaf, Mudaf prime, Adjectives, Harf Nasb, Isharah

· Types of Sentences o Noun-based sentence

o Verb-based sentence

                  - Normal

                 - Command/forbid

                 - Passive


Our goal is to get people from little to no comprehension of Quran to a decent level of comprehension of Quran in a short time (within a year or year-and-a-half). A decent level of comprehension would comprise of:

 1) Full comprehension of parts of Quran that are studied in class,

2) Partial comprehension of similar passages,

3) After reading a translation of a passage, almost full comprehension of a recital of that passage


Think of the plan as constructing a building; there is a foundation, then the structure and lastly the finishing.

 Level 1: Foundations - 80% grammar, 20% vocabulary (30 hours)

Level 2: Application of Foundations - word-by-word study of a medium-sized surah, focusing on translation and application of grammar (30 hours)

Level 3: Structural - 65% grammar, 35% vocabulary particularly of verbs (30 hours) Level 4: Application of Structural - word-by-word study of selected passages, focusing on translation and basic grammatical analysis (30 hours)

Level 5: Finishing - 90% grammar, 10% vocabulary (30 hours)

Level 6: Final Application to Quran - guided translation by the student of selected passages of Quran using English and Arabic dictionaries, exposure to resources for study, grammatical analysis (30 hours)

Total of 180 hours/60 weeks of once-a-week classes.

The plan is a work-in-progress, but hopefully we should see some results before next Ramadan insha Allah. Ultimately all success is from Allah.


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