• Since 2007 we have been leaders in on-line Arabic language study, having taught more than 5,000 lessons.
  • Every member of our team, down to the technicians, has worked as a language instructor, so we know what our students need and how they feel.
  • Our entire time has the technical expertise to facilitate your online experience.
  • To know more about us you can take a look through the pictures and images

Essam's three areas of experience insure that Alefbaa.net offers outstanding language training.

First, as a computer engineering graduate, Essam insures that our on-line interface is intuitive and functions well.

Second, with [5] years of professional experience in student affairs and marketing for an international Arabic language institute, Essam will address your needs quickly and effectively.

Third, with four years of experience teaching online to children from the US and the UK, and over 1,800 lessons taught, Essam knows how online students learn best. send our executive manager an email.

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Sameer Hammady is a top Arabic teacher, with more than eight years teaching Arabic as a second language, both in classrooms and online. He has offered over 1,000 lessons in the classroom and over 3,000 lessons online. Sameer is comfortable in English and French, and can explain the intricacies of the Arabic in your native language. His excellent computer and internet skills will insure that your lessons go smoothly.
you can visit Austahd Sameer's page on"wiziq" to read more about his history and see what his students said:

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She has 5 years of experience in teaching online and has offered more than 2000 lessons, with extensive experience teaching Arabic to children. She has a degree in Education. Women who prefer a female teacher have found her to be both diligent and caring.

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